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    HANGZHOU BALAI INDUSTRY CO., LTD was established in 2004. So far, there are nearly 200 employees. We have more than 1000 superior vendor in our system. In addition, we have set up several departments, including R&D, Production, Sale and Service.

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    Provide samples to customers, invite customers to visit our company to inspect products, product manufacturing process and quality management system. Inform the buyer in time of the production situation and the product situation, and make every effort to meet its requirements.


    • Motorcycle Electrical Instrument

      Jun 9, 2019

      The electrical circuit of a motorcycle is basically similar to that of a car. Electrical lines are divided into power supply, ignition, lighting, instrumentation and audio.
    • Motorcycle Transmission System

      May 18, 2019

      The primary deceleration consists mainly of the drive sprocket (drive gear) mounted on the crankshaft end, the sleeve roller chain and the driven sprocket (driven gear) on the clutch as a deceleration and transmits the engine power to the clutch.
    • Motorcycle Engine

      Apr 22, 2019

      The body consists of three parts: cylinder head, cylinder block and crankcase. The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy and has fins. The new four-stroke motorcycle engine adopts overhead valve, chain drive and overhead camshaft structure.


    We are well experienced in supplying parts for more than 100 motorcycle models. We have successfully developed business relationship with more than 200 partners.

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