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Motorcycle Development

Feb 20,2019

1. From Motor (internal combustion engine) and Cycle engine
In 1884, the Englishman Edward Butler added a power unit to his bicycle to make a tricycle that was powered by kerosene. In 1885, Germany’s “father of the car” Tribe Daimler made a three-wheeled motorcycle driven by a single-cylinder wind-type gasoline engine. On August 29 of the same year, he obtained the invention patent. Therefore, Daimler is recognized by the world as the inventor of motorcycles. Daimler’s first motorcycle was powered by a four-stroke internal combustion engine with a working cylinder of 264 cubic centimeters and a power of 0.5 hp at 700 rpm and a speed of 12 kilometers per hour. The car is made of wood, the rear wheel is belt driven, and there are auxiliary support wheels on both sides. In view of Daimler’s irreplaceable historical position, the German Institute of Engineers Judenburg branch established his monument in the Canton’s Square after his death, because he was driving his first car in this square. Motorcycle.

2. A brief history of motorcycle development
Since the German company Daimler invented and manufactured the world’s first gasoline-powered motorcycle in 1885, the development of motorcycles has undergone more than 100 years of vicissitudes.
The original motorcycle, the real shape of the existing science and technology museum in Munich, Germany, was the world’s first motorcycle patented by German Daimler on August 29, 1885.

Limited to more than 100 years ago, the gasoline engine was still in a low-level naive situation. At that time, the vehicle manufacturing was still in the technical stage of the carriage. The original motorcycle and the modern motorcycle were very different in shape, structure and performance. The frame of the original motorcycle is wooden. From the wood grain, it is made by the carpenter, the wheel is also wooden, the outer layer of the wheel is covered with a layer of iron, and the bottom of the frame is a number of square wooden frames with the engine placed on it, one on each side of the wooden frame. A small support wheel that acts to prevent tipping when stationary. Therefore, this car is actually four rounds of land. The engine is cooled by a single-cylinder fan, and the output power is driven by a two-stage reduction drive of the belt and the gear to drive the rear wheel forward. The seat is made in a saddle shape with a layer of leather on the outside. Its engine cylinder working volume is 264mL, the maximum power is 0.37kW (700r/min), which is only 1/5 of the modern simple motorcycle. The speed is 12km, which is not much faster than walking. Since there was no buffer device such as a spring at the time, this car was called “Shenshiu”. It is conceivable that driving on a stone street in the 19th century is harder than execution. Although the original motorcycle was so rudimentary, since then the motorcycle has been constantly changing and improving, and there have been hundreds of millions of modern motorcycle descendants for more than 100 years.

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