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Motorcycle Electrical Instrument

Jun 9,2019

1. Arrangement of instruments and switches
2. Electrical circuit
The electrical circuit of a motorcycle is basically similar to that of a car. Electrical lines are divided into power supply, ignition, lighting, instrumentation and audio.
The power supply part is generally composed of an alternator (or powered by a magneto charging coil), a rectifier, and a battery. The magnetic motor for motorcycles has various structures depending on the model of the motorcycle. There are generally two forms of flywheel magneto and magnetic steel rotor magneto. Flywheel magneto motors are generally used on small displacement miniatures and mopeds. Within the flywheel, four magnetic steels are evenly distributed and rotate with the engine crankshaft. The stator frame is fixed on the crankcase with magnetic on it. The motor coil, the lighting coil, and the breaker assembly, when the flywheel rotates, the magnetic field lines of the magnetic field alternately pass through the coils, so that the coil generates induced alternating current. In the magnetic steel rotor type magneto motor, the structure is opposite to the above, six magnetic steels are evenly distributed on the circumference of the rotor, the magnetic steel and the rotor are die-cast together with an aluminum alloy, and the rotor is connected to the crankshaft by a key. Six sets of coils wound around the core are distributed in the stator. As the rotor rotates within the stator, the lines of magnetic force alternate through the stator coils to induce an alternating current.

The ignition mode of the motorcycle includes three kinds of battery ignition system, magnetic motor ignition system and transistor ignition system. In the ignition system, there are two types of contact capacitor discharge ignition and contactless capacitor discharge ignition. The contactless capacitor discharge is abbreviated as C.D.I. C.D.I actually refers to a combination circuit of a capacitor charging and discharging circuit and a thyristor switching circuit, commonly known as an electronic igniter.

There are various colors of wires distributed in the motorcycle circuit. It is customary to use the red wire as the power “+” line, the black wire as the ground line “-” line, the orange line to the ignition coil wire, and the magneto motor output current as the white wire. Blue is the headlight line, etc. This is just a general usage for reference.

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