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Motorcycle Influence Factors

Mar 31,2019

The arrangement of the engine has a great influence on the sport performance of the motorcycle. For example, although the advantages of the multi-cylinder machine are many, the disadvantages are that the size is not compact and the weight is heavy. Excessively large lengths of the engine are particularly bad, and it will greatly affect the steering feel of the motorcycle. When using a single-cylinder engine and a transverse V2 engine, the engine weight can be greatly reduced, the length of the engine can be reduced, and the steering force of the motorcycle can be reduced. In this way, the speed of the motorcycle can be increased, and the motorcycle can be turned lightly, thereby improving the driving comfort of the motorcycle and adding the amusement of the motorcycle. In short, all motorcycles with sports performance are super sports motorcycles, whether it is equipped with a multi-cylinder machine or a single-cylinder machine, regardless of whether the body is an integral fairing or a partial fairing.

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